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Ubicación:La cala de Mijas, Málaga A collection of luxury villas in a gated complex

The port of Malaga in the face of a historic transformation: almost 400 million investment on the table

Bali Villas
The port of Malaga is immersed in what can be classified as the second major transformation in its more than 2,000 years of history. An operation to expand and regenerate uses that will make it possible to carry out investments on the ground for a value close to 400 million euros. Since the Phoenicians found the necessary shelter for their stopovers in the bay of the capital of the Costa del Sol, back in the 8th century BC. C., there are few episodes of growth like the one currently experienced by the port area. The data handled by the Port Authority are conclusive and highlight the packaging of the infrastructures planned for the year 2027. Of the global sum estimated by the highest managers of the institution, with Carlos Rubio at the head, 75 millions will have to be paid for by public means; the remaining part corresponds to the numerous private initiative projects that are already beginning to take shape. Of all the pieces that make up the culmination of the urban metamorphosis in which the port has been installed for decades (cruise station, Levante dock, the Muelle Uno shopping center, the Palmeral de las Sorpresas), the largest Economic value is the Hotel Tower by the Qatari group Al Alfia. The latest data handled years ago by the developers, who are still waiting for the extensive administrative process to be completed, placed the investment at around 200 million euros. Money with which to build a 5-star establishment, 116 meters high and with a capacity for 350 rooms. It will be complemented by a large convention center with capacity for at least a thousand people. With much less economic cost, but with an undoubted impact for the nautical industry of the capital of the Costa del Sol, is the San Andrés marina, which will soon be awarded to the Marina San consortium (integrated by Al Alfia, Igy Marinas and Ocean Capital Partners), and the mega-yacht marina, inaugurated months ago. The investment planned for the execution of the first of the infrastructures, which will have half a thousand berths for boats of less than 50 meters in length, is around 45 million euros. The calendar that is handled indicates that its commissioning would be possible at the end of 2024 or beginning of 2025. In the case of megayachts, the cost of the work has been around 12 million.
BALI VILLAS is the cornerstone of an exclusive gated villa complex in the heart of the Costa del Sol. Offering high living standards, contemporary architectural style, excellent wellness facilities, CCTV surveillance and concierge services. There is no better place to call home.