Where are the best coffees in Malaga served?

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Mia Coffee Shop tops the list of the five busiest establishments in the province, located right in the center. If you are a coffee lover and want to know where to have the best coffee in Malaga, either 'Friends' style in Central Perk, sitting quietly and enjoying it, or to order it take away, like 'Gilmore Girls', here are the 5 best rated cafeterias in the city on TripAdvisor, located right in the center: 1. Mia Coffee Shop: If you want to enjoy one of the best coffees in the city, this is your place. This cafeteria, located in Plaza Mártires, gives you the opportunity to try a freshly ground coffee and whose aroma you will not be able to resist when you enter the premises. Likewise, its sweet and food options, both vegetarian and vegan, will make you enjoy that coffee even more. 2. Brunchit. Coffee & Kitchen: This pet friendly place is located on Calle Alhóndiga. Its coffee stands out for the wave of sensations it leaves on the palate, as well as for its presentation. The establishment offers a bar and take away service, for those who want to sit down and enjoy themselves or for those who are in a hurry and want to enjoy themselves along the way. 3. Casa Aranda: In Malaga, Casa Aranda is a tradition not for its coffee, but for its churros. In the cold season, this is one of the main plans that comes to mind in Malaga. In addition, between the churros and the chocolate, you can find a coffee with an intense flavor, perfect for coffee growers and coffee makers in the city. 4. Julieta Coffee: If you are thinking of a perfect breakfast, this is your place. Their coffee, whether hot or cold, stands out both for the way they present it, American-style, with foam and drawings made with the coffee itself, as well as for its flavor, which leaves a sweet taste on the palate. In addition, you can accompany it with a large selection of sweets, which you will not be able to resist. 5. Bertani Café: Located on Calle San Juan, a little hidden from everyone's sight, you can find this establishment that offers one of the best organic coffees in Malaga. You can choose a wide variety of types of coffee, as well as being able to accompany it with a homemade breakfast, including (vegetarian) cookies or biscuits with flavors you wouldn't imagine.

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